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Tailift Forklifts

Offering New Taillift Truck Equipment

Before purchasing any truck, it is important to ensure it will meet all your working requirements and conditions. Consider the average and maximum loads to be lifted, the height you will need to lift the load, the environment the machine is required to operate in, and how many hours it will be required to run.

We can provide you with a specification sheet which allows you to identify your requirements regarding all these conditions and we can even offer a demonstration to ensure your decision. If you are still unsure or new to using a forklift truck, consider renting a forklift before purchasing. This will ensure you have selected the correct machine for the job.

If you will be using the forklift truck for more than four hours per day, consider purchasing a new one. Using a forklift for four hours per day or more indicates that it is a major part of your daily operations. Purchasing a new forklift will save on maintenance and operating costs.