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Industrial Batteries

Forklift Batteries Sales & Services

With our on-site services, we have the ability to respond to your facility with battery testers to test the current state of your forklift battery. We can either provide you with an on-site assessment of your battery and your forklift battery chargers, or perform an in-depth evaluation at our battery testing facility in Corona, CA.

If your battery or battery charger cannot be repaired, we can assist you with the selection of a new replacement and offer proper battery recycling. We stock a variety of the industry’s most popular manufacturers and models, so that we can cross reference virtually any battery to ensure proper replacement.

Just a few of the forklift battery and charger brands we service:


Battery and Charger Testing & Evaluation

R&J Forklift offers on-site service and evaluation, we can provide you with a recommendation for your battery and charger based on its condition and determine whether or not a more thorough testing procedure will determine if your battery can be repaired.

From this evaluation, we can give you honest and reliable guidance on the most cost-effective options for your battery. Our battery testers and methods can also eliminate costly battery expenses when it’s not the battery at all causing equipment malfunction.

There are many reasons why your equipment failed or does not hold a good charge. We pride ourselves in our ability to test battery and charger conditions with a computerized test taking about 1 hour on-site of your equipment. Save yourself the dangers of handling the lead acid battery and allow us to come to you!

Industrial batteries that require a more thorough testing can be taken back to our shop by trained battery testers to hook up a complete 5-hour extensive evaluation to test your battery.

Forklift Battery Recycling

With proper battery recycling, you save the environment and with RJMH Products, you save your finances! Lead acid batteries contain hazardous materials that can harm our environment. It is imperative to dispose of them properly. Let RJMH Products make it easy. We will haul away and dispose of your industrial forklift batteries at no additional charge to you!

Forklift Battery Installation

Need assistance installing or uninstalling a battery?
Let our specially trained technicians' help you get it right!

Seminars & Training on Forklift Battery Safety

Let RJMH Products teach your employees how to care and water your forklift batteries for optimum performance.

Forklift Battery Chargers

Depending on what you need for your business we offer forklift battery chargers that can keep you operating for extended shifts. Our forklift battery chargers can help you manage and extend the life of the forklift battery by avoiding overcharging abuse.

Tailored P.M. Programs - Battery Charging & Watering Systems

You need your operation to be up and running but lack the manpower or expertise to plan and install the battery charging system equipment on your own. RJMH Products can help. We can create a personalized PM program to fit your needs that will make running your equipment worry free!

RJMH Products makes battery maintenance even easier with a full line of Single Point Battery Watering systems and flip top watering caps. Fill batteries faster, safer, and more reliably than ever before with RJMH Products. Each application specific system consists of automatic shut off valves interconnected with tubing that replace the existing vent caps. A quick coupling allows the system to be connected to a water supply. Once connected, water flows into each cell until it reaches the correct level. The entire process takes just 30 seconds per battery!