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Meet The Owners

R&J Material Handling, Inc. is a full-service forklift repair, rental, service, and sales Company headquartered in Corona, California. Much of our business comes from distribution warehouses related to the grocery supply industry. We specialize in Forklifts but also handle other various equipment including pallet jacks, stackers, industrial vehicles, batteries, and chargers.

The family business was started in 1982 by our father, John Lessing, after 17 years of working for a leading major brand name forklift company. Working for a large corporation, he found they didn’t understand the relationships that the mechanics developed with their customers they serviced and looked at most of their customers as just another account. He decided to start his own business and developed relationships with customers, suppliers, and competitors that have carried us for the past 42 years. After developing a large customer base, he decided he needed more than just anyone off the streets to work for him. So, my brother, his brother-in-law, and I were brought on as technicians in the nineties while our mother handled the administrative work.

Today we have carried on those relationships, old and new, that our father started and have developed new relationships within the material handling industry with our generation.

We believe every customer has different needs and requires special attention. R&J Material Handling, Inc. customizes our services for each customer - working closely with them to keep their productivity up and equipment costs down. We plan on continuing our business practice and growing our business by selectively adding employees and customers that fit our integrity. We don’t want to be just another repair company out there. We want our customers to feel like part of our family and we want to feel like we are a part of every business we service.