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Valu-Jack Hand Jacks

Offering Valu-Jack Equipment Throughout the Southern California Area

This steel constructed hydraulic units have reinforced handles with 3-function hand control and foot release and poly/steel load and steer wheels. The scratch resistant powder coat and corrosion resistant zinc-plated hardware ensure a long life through the elements and abuse of typical warehouse duties.

All products include a two-year full warranty covering manufacturer's defects. We always stock all replacement parts for service and repair needs. Ask us for special quantity discounts. Valu-Jack, a quality jack at a great price...

We offer the full product line available from Valu-Jack. The most common model is the 5500.

MODEL 5500

Capacity: 5500 lbs.
Lowered Fork Height: 2.9 in.
Height of Handle: 31 in.
Fork Length: 48 in.
Width Over the Forks: 27 in.
Fork Wheel: 2.9 in.
Steering Arc: 180°
Jack Weight: 168 lbs.